TL;DR Quick trick to trick Wifi paywalls:
(1) Connect to hotspot
(2) Use up free quota
(3) Change your MAC address using LinkLair or do it manually
(4) Enjoy another round of free wifi!

Repeat from (2)

Are you sick of paying for Wifi at airports, cafes, shopping malls, in nature?

Well, I wanted to share a trick I’ve used for two years.

Find an open network that provides complimentary internet (e.g. limited trial for 30 mins, two hours). This is very common in airports, cafes, by public squares etc.

Connect to the network, use up your quota, and then just change your computer’s MAC address to be granted another period of free internet.

You can easily change the MAC Address with the OSX app LinkLair or by changing it manually.

Note: The MAC address is your computers unique identifier. By spoofing it you’re basically acting / identified as another device. This is not going to affect how your computer works and it’s even good from a privacy perspective.

With love,